The Lakes

Thursday, 14 August 2014

This post is long overdue - about a month ago I went to the Lake District with 13 friends and we rented a lovely house there for five days. We were staying in Grange-over-Sands and had such a wonderful time, it felt like something out of a coming of age type film. 

After a four/five hour drive, we arrived at what was to be our humble abode for the next few days and claimed the best bedroom in the house before everyone else started to arrive muhaha. We spent the rest of the first day settling in and making food in the lovely kitchen.

The drive there.

The next few days were spent exploring the surroundings, having barbeques and playing cards on the porch.

The church we walked to on the second day.

Henna done by the wonderful Nidhi.

This picture pretty much summarises the trip.
Watching The Breakfast Club.

The last day was my favourite, a few of us took a half hour walk to the beach - well it was more of a marsh land really, and went swimming. Afterwards we lay in the sun for a while and dried off. 

A little home video from the trip: 

Tomorrow is my last day at the New York Film Academy before I leave to go home on Saturday. We have our final screening tomorrow - I'll be posting my final film very shortly - and I'm so sad to be leaving, expect a full report when I return home. 


  1. Lovely post! I love the pics especially the ones by the lake!
    Xx Inés

  2. Love all these photos, so jealous of this trip xx

  3. What a cute place to stay!

  4. Nice post ;) I've heard about Lake District from friends who always encourage me to go there whenever I'm visiting UK and after reading your post, I'm definitely missing out! The house is so beautiful as well :)

    Geralyn |

    1. Thanks, you should definitely go if you get the chance!

  5. Lovely photos! Looks like you had fun!

  6. Oh wow, I wish I had thought of doing something like this when I was 17 - what an experience to have! I haven't visited the Lake District in years so this post makes me kind of nostalgic :)
    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  7. that place looks amazing. I would love to visit a place like that. oh, and your pictures are marvellous!