Folk By The Oak

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

To start with I should apologise for my lack of posting recently, but things have been so busy at the film academy! It was my birthday last Friday so I'm now an old and wise young adult - note the sarcasm. We went to a baseball game which was so much fun, except sadly I didn't manage to get a foam finger, and watched the fireworks which were fab. 

Now flash back a couple of weeks to when I went to Folk By The Oak with Ruby. It was an all day Folk Festival with lots of craft stalls and food - I was a little disappointed with the food stalls as the choice pretty much ranged from burgers to chips, but nonetheless we had a lovely time. 

Above is a choker I bought from a stall selling beautiful vintage jewellery, there was so much handmade jewellery to choose from, it was all so pretty. I wore a top from American Apparel, trousers from Urban Outfitters and bag from Topshop. 

The festival had a really great vibe, I even ended up taking my shoes off and frolicking through the fields - okay, maybe I didn't quite frolic but you get the picture. 

Insta update from NYC - 

Bottom right to left: Lemonade (my favourite) / Outfit aesthetics / Late night story boarding for my first film / Watching Beetlejuice at an outdoor cinema in Brooklyn / The view from the Brooklyn Bridge
Top right to left: My first ever baseball game / Fireworks on my birthday / UO photobooth / Battery Park views / My friend pierced my cartilage! (you can't really see in the small picture, and I look very much like a bald baby)


  1. Loved your outfit that day! Looked back I should've purchased far more x