You've been caught on Candid Camera

Friday, 17 January 2014

Thank the Lord it's friday - for some reason this week has felt abnormally long and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending this evening sprawled out on the couch making a fab new playlist. 
The other day my Grandma came over bearing boxes of goods from her loft and in there happened to be a couple of vintage camera's which she very kindly let me keep *commence happy dance* 

I will be taking these bad boys out for a test run over the next couple of weeks, so will report back with the results very soon - the AV 1 will probably produce far better photos, but I'm sure the Sure Shot Megazoom will still be fun to play around with.

I've also been spending a worrying amount of time on polyvore at the moment, so here are a few outfit sets I thought I'd share with you. I seem to be living in simple dark coloured clothes at the moment, it's probably because all I ever see is darkness - when I wake up it's dark and when I get home in the evening its dark, it makes me want to go into hibernation.

Twiggy Vibes

So that's all I have to report for now - things are quite dull at the moment, but tomorrow I'm off to visit a couple of gallerys and next week I'm going to the SAF short film festival which should be really interesting. Goodnight.


  1. such cute sets x Yazmine

  2. so jealous about those cameras, and can't wait to see some pictures if you post them! these outfits are fab xoo

  3. ur polyvore is 2 die 4

  4. I love your photography - am so excited to see the pictures from those cameras! <3

  5. I'm so jealous! Everyone seems to have really cool grandmothers with fancy things from the olden days. Can't wait to see the photos.

    Glitter Daiquiri

  6. Those cameras are so cute! I love the first one. I'm with you on hibernation, I get out when it's dark and return when it's dark! Miss all the daylight

    1. I know, hopefully spring will be right around the corner!

  7. Love the outfits. The first one is soo very 90s, I swear I had an outfit just like it.